A Tesla-inspired Cyber Camper that gets you ready to camp on Mars

Love it or hate it, the Tesla Cybertruck inspired much of the automotive industry by its ‘interesting’ shape. That shape is now an icon and you instantly spot yourself comparing any angular vehicle to the Cybertruck, so while it wasn’t a successful model it has certainly boosted the brand’s recall value! Unlike the Cybertruck, we love this conceptual camper inspired by it but wouldn’t recommend throwing a brick at its window.

Cybertruck enthusiast, Joe, has designed this futuristic camper that was discovered on a fan website. The renders are similar to that of Tesla’s bulletproof camper configuration but the difference lies in the number of jokes that Joe endured vs Elon Musk. The Cyber Camper’s monoplane design extends into a canopy on the rear side of the vehicle. It comes in a smaller solo option and a slightly larger duo option which is based on the sleeping quarters secured in its angular shell. The duo version provides extra cabin space with its wider frame and also has more windows on both the front and back.

While both vehicles share an almost identical base frame, the Cyber Camper is looking to add more value to the user’s experience. “These renders need work but I want something in the vault so there is no need to tow and it can travel almost anywhere. A camper style like this by Tesla or third-party companies would be amazing,” says the designer. For now, all we can do is stay in and make a bucket list of all the spots we would like to camp in with the Cyber Camper. Let’s hope it is an electric camper and solar-powered so we can truly pivot the industry into the future and continue flattening the pollution curve.

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