Elon Musk May Send Five More Altcoins to the Moon, According to Crypto Trader Tyler Swope

Popular crypto analyst Tyler Swope is conducting a deep dive into the coins that SpaceX CEO Elon Musk could catapult into space.

Earlier this month Musk announced that SpaceX would launch a DOGE-funded mission, claiming that Dogecoin will be “the first meme in space.”

n a new video, Swope shares his theories surrounding which other crypto assets may be connected to Musk’s DOGE-1 mission.

The first asset Swope mentions is non-fungible token (NFT) and decentralized finance (DeFI) asset NFY Finance (NFY), which the influencer points out has ties to MIMIR Blockchain Solutions, a company that is working on the moon mission.

NFY Finance is one of MIMIR’s ecosystem projects, notes Swope, and the team has been posting some space-related tweets, suggesting that they may be contributing to the DOGE-1 mission in some capacity.

One such tweet shows an image of a child looking up at the moon and a small cube, which could be a reference to one of the cubesats, which will be headed up to space with DOGE-1.


Swope points out that one of the main developers at MIMIR and NFTY, Coyote DOGE or not_coyotee on twitter, has been tweeting about NFY recently and has retweeted user Captain Haddock who tags a set of four crypto assets known as the Greek space tokens.

The four Greek space tokens referenced are RHOBETAGAMMA and KAPPA, which Swope predicts may play a part in Musk’s moon mission as well.

“Rho protocol.io says this about the token, ‘RHO tokens correspond to the Y-Axis location value of LED pixels. Present on the exposed surfaces and livestreamed from a satellite to be placed in LEO in June 2022,’ the exact month of the DOGE-1 mission.

The Greek tokens are the space plaques mentioned in that press release. And then continuing on the [RHO] website, ‘These pixel’s hue (KAPPA), luminosity (GAMMA), X-Axis (BETA) and Y-Axis (RHO) locations are acquired in exchange for the aforementioned tokens.’”

Essentially, the utility of these tokens, says Swope, is for advertising on the side of the rockets and satellites that will head into orbit when DOGE-1 takes off next summer.


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