First Tesla Model Y bodies spotted at Giga Berlin complex

Tesla Model Y bodies were seemingly spotted at the Gigafactory Berlin complex recently by multiple drone operators in the area. The Model Y bodies were hidden from view under mint green covers, but eagle-eyed Tesla supporters spotted and identified the vehicles just the same.

While the mint-green covers prevented everyone from getting a full view of the Model Y bodies, they were easily identified by the curvature of the sheets wrapped around them. The covers hugged the crossover’s hefty frame closely, revealing the slope of the roof structure at the back.

“Definitely all Model Y: notice the crossbeam on the roof, right where the rear hatch starts. The Model 3 has a different roof structure (extremely large rear window, fairly small sunroof). These cars have much larger sunroof cut outs,” noted Tesla enthusiast Reductionist on Twitter after analyzing the pictures of the Model Y bodies seen in Giga Berlin.

According to drone operator Tobias Lindh, Gigafactory Berlin’s machines are not in place yet for production so the Model Y bodies most likely came from the Fremont Factory. Lindh suggested that the Model Y bodies could be used for testing.

Another drone operator on site, @GF4Tesla, said that the Model Y bodies could be used to test Giga Berlin’s revolutionary paint shop. Brandenburg’s State Office for the Environment recently allowed Tesla to install Geico Taikisha machines into the facility’s paint shop.

Gigafactory Berlin’s construction seems to be moving on schedule. Multiple building structures can be seen on site now. The State Office for the Environment has been steadily approving parts of Tesla’s application. Besides approving the paint shop machine’s installation, Giga Berlin also received permission to begin the second phase of deforestation. Tesla supporters might see Made-in-Berlin Model Y vehicles pretty soon.

Check out Tesla Kid’s recent flyover at Giga Berlin below!

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