Tesla Model 3 tops global charts, Model Y overtakes ID.3 in October EV ranks

The Tesla Model 3 continued its reign as the world’s most popular electric vehicle, and the Model Y crossover managed to overtake the Volkswagen ID.3 in the global EV sales statistics for October.

The Model 3 has been the most popular electric car in the world in 2020, and it isn’t very close. To date, Tesla has sold nearly 261,000 Model 3 variants for the year, giving it a massive 12% of the EV market share globally. The next closest: the Renault Zoe, with only 3% and 74,124 cars sold.


Tesla is on pace to have its Model 3 dominate the world rankings for a third consecutive year. 2018 and 2019 also were led by the mass-market sedan from the California-based EV maker.

On top of the Model 3’s dominance, the company’s predictions about the Model Y are on their way to becoming a reality. Tesla CEO Elon Musk once said that he believed the Model Y would eventually overtake the Model 3 in popularity. Even though the car is only produced in the United States at the Fremont, California production facility, it has managed to break its way into the top three, overtaking Volkswagen’s ID.3.

The Model Y was delivered 10,602 times during October, the EV Sales Blog reports. The ID.3 was sold 10,584 times.

The Model Y and ID.3 belong to different segments as Tesla’s vehicle is a crossover, and the ID.3 is a hatchback. Unfortunately, Volkswagen’s numbers could be skewed by some of the software issues the ID.3 has had in its short lifespan thus far. The German automaker has done plenty to combat them, and the issues are getting better. It is expected when a company is working with an MEB platform for the first time, and even Tesla had issues with building functional electric cars early on.

Nevertheless, the Model Y has the potential to be a real market disruptor because of its popular body style, which allows for a sleek design that isn’t as bulky as a traditional SUV, but still gives owners plenty of cargo room for hauling things like luggage or large grocery hauls.

This is the second straight month that the Model Y claimed the Bronze medal, and it has been generally competitive between the crossover and the ID.3.

EV Sales Blog stated:

“While the Model Y repeated the monthly Bronze medal, Tesla’s baby SUV had to make an effort to stay in front of the Volkswagen ID.3, with the new German EV losing its podium presence by just 18 units.”

With domination coming from Tesla’s Model 3 this year, it could indicate things to come with the Model Y. Crossovers are highly favorable because of their versatility. Musk’s predictions of the Model Y surpassing its sibling vehicle in the future could come within the next year as Tesla ramps up production of the car in China and Germany.

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