The Tesla Cybertruck’s steel exterior doesn’t need wraps to look stunning

The Tesla Cybertruck is a stainless steel beast of a pickup truck, and this is highlighted by the fact that it’s not even going to be painted. Elon Musk has mentioned that owners of the Cybertruck would be able to wrap their all-electric pickups with any color or pattern as they see fit. Yet considering that the Cybertruck is built with cold-rolled stainless steel, the vehicle may actually not need customized wraps to make it unique.

All it would take is some heat. Or a lot of it, for that matter.

When tempered, cold-rolled steel changes colors. These colors span a pretty decent range of shades from bright silver to yellow to purple to blue and grayish-green. Elon Musk has responded positively to the idea of the Cybertruck’s exterior being tempered, with the CEO even joking that he would choose a “Blue Steel” option for his personal truck, a reference to the comedy film Zoolander.

Tesla enthusiast @TheCyberCamper recently gave a shot at simulating how the different shades of tempered steel would look on the hulking steel vehicle, and the results are actually really good. Based on the Tesla enthusiast’s simulated shades, it appears that tempered steel could give the Cybertruck a subtle, unique range of colors.

The range of colors that result from the Cybertruck’s tempered steel actually seems to have more personality than the current paint options available for the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y, which, for now, could be summed up as white, black, blue, gray, and red. Granted, the chances of Tesla actually offering tempered steel color options for the Cybertruck may seem slim, but there’s no denying that such shades do make the vehicle even more eye-catching.

The Cybertruck is arguably Tesla’s boldest vehicle to date. With an extremely angular, origami-like design and a stainless steel exoskeleton, the Cybertruck is extremely durable. It’s also priced very aggressively, with the base variant starting below $40,000 and the top-tier tri-motor version being priced below $70,000 before options. The vehicle is expected to enter production sometime next year at Gigafactory Texas, which is currently undergoing construction.

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